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Selling Edward Lee for $$$

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Selling Edward Lee for $$$

Postby Synne » Tue Oct 29, 2002 3:50 am

I discovered something that made me very happy the other day...

I told one of my friends that I had a whole bunch of books I wanted to sell and he asked which books because he might want to buy some of them from me... I have most of them in a box so I just looked on my shelf for the last few that hadn't made it into a box yet and among the 3 I listed was Coven by Edward Lee... a few minutes later online he showed me a page with listings for that book and they were being sold for $100 or more! Not bad for a $3.95 paperback! I told my friend he shouldn't have said anything... I would have given it to him before I saw those listings!

ANYWAY... my point... you never know what you've got hiding on your bookshelf... I'm obsessed now... I want to look up every single book I've got and see if anything's worth anything.
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