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a must read

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a must read

Postby risque » Sat Apr 10, 2004 1:15 pm

If you love mysteries that are creative and shock you, then you HAVE to read Birdman by Mo Hayder. FAB-U-LOUS! She has two books out actually the other one is The Treatment and both are great. I keep watching for her to come out with a third.

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Postby Crimson Rose » Thu Sep 02, 2004 5:55 pm



I dunno what was scarier... the book, or the fact that me and a friend, hundreds of miles apart, had just read that book, because it was recommended by Val McDermid, whom we had both gotten into by the same book.

It is one of the most disturbing books I've read, and given how disturbed I am, it's an effort.
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