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Blue Genes

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Blue Genes

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 9:52 pm

Crimson Rose
(9/4/00 4:14:15 pm)
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I don't normally go for detective stories, but Val McDiarmid's Blue Genes has me
hooked. Kate Brannigann is one cool PI. And her lines are brilliant.

The plot: Attempts to catch a group of cowboys frauding people out of money
for gravestones goes hidiously wrong. Then she ends up with a flyposter case
that means involvement with the local gangsters. And then her partner tells her
he's leaving for Austrailia, and is selling his half of the business. Not a good day.
It gets worse when her best friend Alexis asks her to investigate a rather
bizarre murder... The IVF doctor that allowed her and her partner to have a
child is dead... but why the secret identity? What WAS really going on? And
who would murder her? All of this tangles into a dangerous web of intruige and
mystery for Kate... A book worth reading, folks :@)


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