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Star Trek: New Frontier

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Star Trek: New Frontier

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 9:53 pm

Kabuki of Noh
(9/5/00 4:57:28 pm)
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Oh, and I HAVE to recommend the book series Star Trek: New Frontier. It's got
the storytelling style of Good Omen. I've litterally been in bed, reading them
during bedrest, and been pissing myself over some of the jokes. The author,
Peter David, has created a brillant cast of characters. Some are from TNG:
Commander Elizabeth Shelby, from Best of Both Worlds 1/2, Lieutennant Robin
Lefler, who was in the eps The Game and Darmok (and was played by Ashley
Judd...) Admiral Edward Jellico, who showed that you could have a faschist
regieme onboard the Enterprise in Chain of Command 1/2, Doctor Selar, who
was in a second season Episode, that was so boring I can't remember the title,
and can't be arsed to go and dig out the episode guide... Some are completely
new. Like the Ambassador on board, Si Cwan. Skilled in fighting, capable of
overcoming phaser stuns and tranquilisers, and is invaluable with his knowledge
of the area the ship has to explore. (he is possibly the last member of a ruling
royal family who was in control of a space empire that collapsed. How? Um...
It's kinda Discworld what happens. That's all I'm saying.), Chief Engineer
Burgoyne 172, the Hermat Chief Engineer, who along with Selar and Helmsman
Mark McHenry has completely re-written the term "love triangle". McHenry might
seem to be daydreaming at his post, but his brain is more powerful than the
latest intel processor, and it's probably reading the tech specs of the ship
again, to see what improvelemts could be made. And part of the most bizzarre
love trangle I've ever encountered anywhere in fiction.

I'm serious. You'd love it. It's Star Trek, but not as we know it. Eg: How does
Captain Calhoun deal with a terrorist situation? by causing a planet-wide riot.
Another: How does Captain Calhoun get people of various factions to sit down
to talk about ending a war that's centuries old? By informing them that if they
don't, they will be torn apart by his security chief. Who is a Brikar. The term
"Shit Brick House" is too tame a phrase. Try "walking rock avalanche". Oddly
enough, people generally don't go along and annoy Zak Kebron... who is
impervious to phasers, and gassing, and is one tough hombre. And has an
amusing sense of humour.

Book one and two is really background filling, but is needed, to give you an idea
as to the background to the whole situation. Mackenzie Calhoun is a cross
between Kirk and Sisko, to be honest. I feel that this is better than the
television series. All four of them.

Well, I hope the hard sell hasn't scared too many people away...
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