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flintknapping hobby

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 7:53 pm

(4/28/00 11:08:52 pm)
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Check out my friends hobby, this truly an ancient craft!
(4/28/00 11:17:36 pm)
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whoops! forgot the link

Here is the link to the flintknapping page
Crimson Rose
(4/29/00 1:22:58 pm)
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Re: whoops! forgot the link

on a personal level, I've never wondered how they were made.

having had a British education, I leant it in Junior school ;@)

Also, obsidian was another rock that was used to knives. And are decent
enough to be medical implements, point of interest.

Also, I come from a counry where all of this is kinda the history of the country.

Still, if you can make them, cool :@)

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