genealogy-Brewton and allied families

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genealogy-Brewton and allied families

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 7:54 pm

barbara suzanne stephens
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(5/8/00 4:54:47 pm)
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If you are a descendant of the Brewton Clan and would like to add
your name to
the lineage chart at my webpage-feel free to contact me either by
email or here.
The lineage consists of NATHAN BRUTON, JOSEPH BRUTON, and
which were from Georgia, Alabama, Florida. My email is
and the webpage is at Would love to
hear from
you. Sincerely yours, Barbara Suzanne Stephens
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(5/9/00 3:48:16 pm)
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Re: genealogy-Brewton and allied families

Well, the Pollet/Kinane clan won't be connected to you.

How do i know? Well, unless you are connected to me from my
father's side, then it's not likely we are related. Simple mathematics.

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