Gag Gifts?

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Gag Gifts?

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 7:56 pm

Holly Bear
(7/24/00 5:36:43 pm)
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Has anyone ever done any business with these guys? Im thinking about
ordering some as a gag gift for a friend, but I wanted some input first.


Ed Sysop
(7/24/00 6:19:47 pm)
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Re: Gag Gifts?

Hi Holly,

Well, you've got me stumped on this one. I can't figure out if this is a very
cleverly disguised spam, or if this is a legitimate message. Are you affiliated
with that site?

We are partial to bears over here, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

We try to keep the distractions to a minimum here, and we get a lot of
spammers trying to take advantage of the large number of members we have,
so when a first message has a link to another site, it makes me wonder.

If you've come to join us in our insanity, then you'll appreciate that you won't
have to read all those surf for cash ads here. And if you're real, you probably
won't be offended that I'

Anyway, seems like a lot of money for a gag gift. It's one thing to print up a
certificate for someone and tell them they are the Duke of Earl (or whatever),
but to actually pay money??!?!??! Hmmm.

In the hope that you'll be back, welcome aboard. I'll have to dig up a pic of our
bear named Holly for you to see

Holly Bear
(7/24/00 10:42:05 pm)
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I am real I have a friend that is really into Royal (knights) RPGs. THe one I
was is $25 (not that much more that an ordinary gift) and I thought they
would get a kick out of it. (Plus I thought it was somewhat interesting
anyway). Sorry, guess I should have said hi first. Teehee

Ed Sysop
(7/25/00 1:44:01 am)
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Re: Heh

Wow, glad you came back! Sometimes I get carried away with the anti-spam
crusade. Actually, I think it's great when people aren't afraid to just jump right
in and start posting.

And I thought the other stuff was kind of cool, but I didn't want to say
anything at first. I think it would be an excellent gift for someone into rpg's!
Sounds like you're pretty thoughtful.

My faith in bears is restored

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