My Dog

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My Dog

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 9:00 am

Sugar Babe
(8/26/00 8:01:53 am)
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I have a purebreed Basset Hound.

Her name is: Cinnamon
Her age is: 4 as of July 9th

She is such a lover. You could pet her all day, and she would still want more.
She has been the best companion I
could possibly want at this time. She follows me everywhere.
No matter what you do or say she is always there for you. I love coming home
to her greeting me.

She starts to whine as soon as the garage door opens. I just
love it. She can hardly wait until I get in the house. Now
that is unconditional love!!!!
Ed Sysop
(9/4/00 1:14:32 am)
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Re: My Dog

She sounds great! Do you have a pic of her that you could post?
Sugar Babe
(9/4/00 5:24:20 pm)
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Re: My Dog

I have a ton of pictures...problem is I have no scanner at
this time. I am planning on perchasing on shortly, when I
learn how to use it I will post her picture for all to see.
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