Anybody have aquatics

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Anybody have aquatics

Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 9:01 am

(7/28/00 1:22:22 am)
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In case anyone is interested, I have crabs! No, not me-my pets are Fiddler
Crabs. They are really cool looking creatures. The male is very small but has
one huge white claw as big as it's body. I've taught him to tap my finger with
his claw. This took a long time because they are quite timid creatures. When I
first saw Sam I was scared because I never saw anything like him and he
looked like a alien spider to me! 0] They molt every few months or so and they
step out of their shell and leave a perfect copy of themselves. It's really

If you are interested in seeing lots of photos of animals, birds and sea
creatures you might want to stop in at my web site at:
Andi Elsdragon
(7/29/00 3:08:34 am)
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At this time all i have are two fancy goldfish with bodies <not including the
fins> as large as the palm of my hand. Oh.. yeah... and Goofy, my greyhound.
The goldfish are named Glimmer and Clockwise. Glimmer is fast approaching his
first birthday with me and Clockwise i got on New Year's Eve day. The
saleslady and i were making jokes about Y2K compliant fish when i purchaced

We won't discuss the plants....

I'm a novel lover, but I'm booked tonight
(8/3/00 2:57:18 am)
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Re: Fish

Hi there. I have some fish, too, but am not sure of what they are. I think they
are guppies and 2 males. They follow each other around constantly and
appear to be the best of friends. They are silver with a few orange and blue
spots on them. Your goldfish sound huge! Were they little when you got them?
I don't know if these guppies are dwarfs or what but they aren't growing. Say
"hi" to Goofy for me! Pets are the greatest companions, aren't they?
Ed Sysop
(8/4/00 1:53:28 pm)
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Re: Fish

Wow, Andi, those are big goldfish! I'll bet they have beautiful fins at that size!
Ed Sysop
(8/4/00 1:56:08 pm)
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Re: Fish

Guppies are cool, Coral. They usually only get to about an inch and half, not
much bigger. Some of the fancy ones get big triangular tails that can be
almost as long as their bodies. You can bring out their colors by adding a little
aquarium salt to the water, and by getting some "color food". Tetra used to
make a color food with carotene and it helps bring out the colors.
(8/4/00 2:45:24 pm)
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Re: Fish

I have two small goldfish, and a large dog, neapolitan mastiff (140 pounds). He
has this rather captivating stare, one that makes people jump (other dogs just
turn and flee without even a growl) .
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(9/21/00 5:43:10 pm)
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Re: Anybody have aquatics


guppies usually only live for about 18 month birth - death

visit my website @ or click on the link below.

look forward to hearing from you on my site (ezboard discussion forum


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