Tell me all about NY?

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Tell me all about NY?

Postby Ed Sysop » Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:21 am

(6/4/99 11:11:41 pm)
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Hello! Im Kelly. I just joined this forum. Im happy I have found it, it seems
there are alot of folks from NY here. Would you mind sharing a bit about N.Y.
with me?

I am leaving my husband and I have two small children, Im thinking seriously
of relocating to Near Corning or Buffalo. I wish to take courses in blowing
glass and think that is probably a wonderful area for me to pursue this dream.
This dream is a long time coming. Im 35 with 2 kiddos and feel like now is the
time. (especially since I MUST move far from someone right NOW for safety.)

I have never felt more creative or more hopeful. So please tell me about the
people the food the arts the atmosphere and simply everything about it!

Thanks, Okie, Kelly and it truly is my turn :)
(6/5/99 4:07:09 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

New Yorkers dont want to talk about New York?
(6/6/99 10:45:58 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

Well, I'm from Montana... the last time I was in New York, I was just 20, and
I'm 43 now... but if you want me to tell you about my three-day visit, I will
It's good that you are moving if your situation is not safe.... it may be hard
to do, especially with two young children, but it is a good step to take.
Now glassblowing---THAT is something that I haven't done!!! Why don't you
post and tell us about it over on Hobbies? I'd love to hear more! :)

Ed Sysop
(6/9/99 7:10:22 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

Hi again Kelly,

I said I would come over here, but it took a little time for me to make it over.

Well, although I'm from NY, I don't really know a lot about central and
western New York. I live in NYC and vacation in the adirondack mountains
(northern NY), so I don't really get to the other areas. Buffalo is a 600 mile
drive from where I am!

NYC is certainly an interesting place, but probably not the best place in the
world to raise kids. But you can't beat it for food, arts, and atmosphere. To
give you an example, I live on the edge of the city, but if I want take-out,
there are at least a dozen chinese places, 8 or 10 pizza shops, several
seafood delivery places, and a bunch of others. And that's just quantity - as
far as quality, there are tons of GREAT places to eat pretty much wherever
you are.

I've only heard great things about the western part of the state though, so
you're probably making a good choice.

I will say that you'll need to get used to the weather though. The Buffalo
area gets an awful lot of snow in the winter, something about the winds that
come in from the Great Lakes...I think they call it lake-effect snow. It's not
unusual for that area to get a couple of feet of snow during a big storm.
Kamakazi Munchkin
(6/19/99 12:37:12 am)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

I think that most of us from New York are from Southern New York (New York
City area) and do not know much about the Buffalo/Corning are, aside
fromthe fact that they get snowed in all the time.

Wish I could help more, but I have only been up there a few times in my life.
(6/19/99 12:59:19 am)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

New Yorkers do love to talk about NY. But there are two New Yorks. The
area in, and around the city...then the rest of NY (Upstate).

People from downstate rarely go upstate. Strange, but true. We will
frequently go south, and venture into other states, and go north even to
other northern states, but not northwest NY... For that very same reason, I
think if you are looking for a place that's totally different, isolated, and fresh,
northwest NY is a good place.

So, you've found this forum... This is where we spill our guts about all the
thrills of love gone wrong. It's great therapy, so don't be afraid to write
whatever's on your mind.

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(6/19/99 6:10:12 am)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

Since you know nothing of the home situation, other than her claim, "it's not
'safe'...", you should not encourage her to leave....I am sick of all the
"individuals" that leave a marriage (ESP with children involved...) Too many
broken families already...A symptom of our selfish culture....I bet you don't
have any idea of the "cost", and the pain....
(6/19/99 12:36:33 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

You raise a very good point. Safe has many meanings. For some people safe
means easy. If there is a threat of actual danger, that's another story.

So...what's the full story?

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John Drake
(6/24/99 3:40:12 am)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

Living in the NY least from the NYC area..Living here soon to be 29
years + of my life I have to say I'm spoiled to the damn core with all night
places to eat and things to do and the like.

When I was on vacation in Lexington Kentucky I was somewhat bored silly for
the simple fact that from Sunday-Thursday there wasn't anything major going
on. The movies last shows were 9pm..heck the only things opened were
Krogers supermarket, Walmart and a Shoney and a Denny's .

With the great fun and spontanity of NYC comes the
questionable troublespots and yes there are some but if you
go out witha better stay with the group cuz there
are some real bad spots to avoid. Central Park at night..avoid
no matter what. If you go with a large group of 20 or so problemo..just walk fast. :)

Times Square , Suffice to say that I walk by 42nd st from work
at 1am and it's strangely enough quiet and at times
busy..esp. now during the summer time with tourists.

Buffalo, Albany's surburban and it get hit with enough
snow you wish you were in an igloo at times. nuff said since i
haven't had the fun of going and living there .

Glass blowing..not a fun job..but then who's a lot of
lung strength.
(8/24/99 3:42:36 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

Both of us worked in Times Square at one time. I'll have to contest there is
tons to do in New York. I miss it SO much. I'm in Wisconsin (my hometown
now) and New York is so much of everything you've always wanted. You do
get spoiled living there cause 24-7 you can get something at a restaurant
(diner) and even MCD's. There's concerts, art, museums and places you've
only seen on TV. It's in some ways the greatest place on earth. I dream of
New York still and I can just sit back and remember going to the village or
going here or there. Walking through Central Park (with someone *always
with someone*) is definitely a treat no matter what season (considering
when I was living there we didn't have much of winter to speak of). I'm sure
you and your kids will enjoy it.

Erica (Kashmir) Erica's Designs
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(10/11/00 10:23:35 pm)
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Re: Tell me all about NY?

You go kelly,

This is my first reply on this messageboard. I saw a special on Cable about
glass blowing. It seems like a really interesting and difficult occupation.
Nonetheless, it requires creativity, patience, bravery, and much devotion.
That in my book is a respectable woman. And I'm only 21. I'm from NYC and
have so much to rant about, but will keep it on this subject. Like the others
mentioned, NY(city, in particular) is the center of the Universe that has
everything to offer you at any hour of the day. Certain underground events
and scenes appeal to me more(Fetish scenes, International DJ's, Film
Festivals, Off Off Broadway). I believe that being the type of person you are,
NY would be the inevitable place to raise your children, if you wan them to
grow up to be intelligent, independent, streetsmart and cultured. The
opportunities would shoot at them in every direction and as far as getting
your mind off of your previous other, NY will divert your attention in a blink.
So indulge, girlfriend. Your life is beginning again. and again, and again.

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Ed Sysop
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Postby Ed Sysop » Thu Oct 19, 2000 2:31 am

Hi Michael,

Did you make it over here yet? Hope so! Anyway, welcome to the board, you seem to have stepped right into the middle of our upgrade, sorry about the confusion.

I agree, there's ALWAYS something interesting going on in the city, any time of day or night. I miss the cows from the summer though.

Speaking of fetish stuff, there's restaurant that I've read about a few times. I've never been there, not actually certain I'd like to go, but it is intriguing.

I can't think of the name, maybe you know, they serve up things like spankings and humiliation along with dinner. I think you can ask the waitress to spank you and then she'll make you eat out of a dog bowl. I think I also read that they have high-chairs for adults who want to be babies and be spoon-fed.

I wish I could think of the name, I bet they have a site that we could point people to for a laugh!
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Ed Sysop
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