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Postby Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 7:51 pm

(8/7/99 10:45:55 pm)
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Dear BBS users u may have heard of a t.v./FM Dissrupter which dissrupts certain
frequencies.However this mechanism does not effect ,Closed Circut t.v.'s or Cable
t.v's,,. I and a friend are in the prosses of developing a new product that can
dissrupt the cable t.v.frequencies. i am open for any ideas thanx.

PS .. If u work for a Cable company and this does not offend you, I can really use
your help :)
Ed Sysop
(8/9/99 10:47:08 am)
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Re: hobbies/electronics

I don't understand?!

Why would you want to disrupt cable tv transmissions?
(8/9/99 1:07:55 pm)
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tv dissrupter

I am making this for a joke/gag ....nothing serious
Ed Sysop
(8/12/99 10:46:35 am)
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Re: tv dissrupter

It sounds like a pretty useless thing to do.

The big question is this: If you disrupted someones cable tv service, would they
even notice? They might just sit there and look at the static...in fact it might get
better ratings than some of the other crap on tv.
(8/12/99 9:21:57 pm)
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You obviously have no idea what i am trying to accomplish ...
Ed Sysop
(8/12/99 10:07:03 pm)
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Re: hgfhgf

Well, I didn't want to jump to any conclusions, I was just hoping you'd explain.

Sounds to me like your trying to build something to jam things like security
cameras, which doesn't sound too legal.

But, like you said, I obviously have no idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

Even if I'm wrong, then I'm still interested in hearing about it.

Of course, once the cable companies go optical, whatever magnetic or RF device
you have in mind will be useless.
Local user
(9/13/99 2:01:56 pm)
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I don't know if this would work, but if you have some $$$, it apparently works on
computers. It's called a HERF gun.

http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/ ... pt=hpqs014

Check it.

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