My snakes :)

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My snakes :)

Post by Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 3:51 am

(8/24/99 12:00:36 pm)
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Hello everyone. I went from having 3 fun loving kitties in New York to having 2
beautiful snakes. I have a royal (ball) python that's name is Zeppelin. He's over
3 feet now and is currently into his shed but is the sweetest tamest snake I've
came across.

Zeppelin's Lair

I also have a Columbian Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor named Orion. Not quite as
friendly but is so beautiful. He just needs to get handled more and he'll get
tamer but he definitely is growing. When I got him he was barely over two feet
and now he's over 2 1/2 feet. I'll try to get a page together for him too.

I also have mice but I don't really consider them pets they are more like well,
snake food.

Erica (Kashmir) Erica's Designs
(8/24/99 9:56:07 pm)
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Re: My snakes :)

my daughter wants a snake. I told her I didn't mind the rabbit, the rat, the
mice, the parakeet... but I wouldn't have anything in the house that had to be
fed *live* food!!! {grin}

(8/25/99 2:27:01 pm)
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Re: My snakes :)

Well you don't have to feed them live food. You can feed them frozen feeder
rats or mice. I prefer to feed them live mice for now. :) It's really cool to
watch them eat too.

Erica *Kashmir*
(8/25/99 5:43:33 pm)
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Re: My snakes :)

So Christina says. They have some kind of snake in her science classroom at
middle school and it gets fed live mice, and the kids all gather round at meal
time. (yuck) Some friends of mine have turtles that eat crickets, and I can't
handle that either. just toooooooo soft-hearted! You can call it squeamish,
too, if you like... I'll admit to it! {grin}

(8/26/99 2:31:23 pm)
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Re: My snakes :)

Don't worry about it. There are a lot more people who find it creepy or
disgusting watching a snake or anything eat something alive. I've always been
a bit of a tomboy and when I was growing up I'd catch grass snakes and
garter snakes and chase my cousins around with them.

I also used to love bugs. I'm not as crazy about bugs anymore but I got to
hold a praying mantis and I'll tell you that was really cool. They don't bite and
they mainly eat crickets & other small insects. The only thing about them is
that they only live 3-5 yrs.

My snake will live approx 30 yrs and I think 40 yrs for the boa. Probably outlive
me. I've always had a fancy for reptiles though; frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles,
etc. I used to go down to the river and catch painted turtles and snails and
clams and of course frogs. Now I'm older and have two snakes. I've always
wanted to have one (an unusual pet for an unusual person) :)

Erica *Kashmir*

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