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Wandering Stone
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Tarot Card Victim

Post by Wandering Stone » Fri Dec 10, 2004 3:12 pm

I'm Wandering Stone and I am new to this forum.

Here is my relationship pain story in a nutshell. The full story is more insane, and I am beginning to think she is close to insanity.

I'm a SWM who lived in a country in Eastern Europe six years ago and who has returned there to visit several times.
While in that country I was in a relationship with a beautiful woman. She was separated.
Her husband didn't want her to go through with the divorce. She then went twice to a Tarot Card Reader to decide if our relationship was destined to continue.

The first reading indicated that, yes, I was the right man for her.
She insistently urged me to go to the second reading. The cards said that we would be "apart for a long time",but that we would "always be together", that I would get a job in another country, return, and we would have a son.

She was encouraged by this and a month or so later we moved into a new apartment together(we had been sharing an apartment w/ one of her friends). Three weeks after moving into the new apartment, we have a minor argument; then she deserted me and went back to her husband and decided not to get divorced. I left to leave and work in an adjacent country, 7 hours away by train.

This was in '98. We continued to write and once a year I visited her. This was now a platonic relationship. She was living with her husband and expressed doubt about the marriage.

At the end of 2001 she left her husband again and then sort of disappeared. She finally divorced him.

I moved back the USA. I forgot about her slowly. No letters or calls from her. She just disappeared.

Then one day in June 2004 I was looking in my closet for a book to read. Any book. I chanced upon this tourist book about a city in her country that we used to visit. It was a birthday gift she had sent me around 2000. I read her inscription on the inside cover. I felt sad and then closed the book after a few moments.

Strange synchronicity: then the next day or the day after, out of the blue, she sends her very first e-mail to me. I hadn't heard from her since Dec.2001, and then she comes into my life again.

Then we start e-mailing each other every day for about 5 months. She sends me CD's and a shirt for my birthday, photos of herself, and calls me on my birthday and again a few weeks after.

We decide to start the relationship again. She says it is "destiny" and that she believes what the Tarot Card Reader said in '98.

The first week of November 2004, I fly all the way to Eastern Europe from L.A.
I have a job interview and am ready to start a job. We are together about five days. A few days are ok, then she goes back into her mood-swing pattern. One day or night she loves me and I am the destined man for her, she wants me to stay; the next day or hour she starts making threats, insulting me, sulking, drinking, saying negative things, etc. I tolerate this because I know she is a difficult woman from my time with her in '98.

Then, on about the fifth day I was there, surprise: She says she has big doubts about our relationship and that maybe she will want to find a new man after a few months, just maybe. Then we have a huge argument because, naturally, I am angry that I just flew all the way over to Europe to be with her and she's now changing her mind again. I go to a hotel.
Since then, she won't communicate with me. She yells in the phone or hangs up. Won't anw I return to the USA. Total of about $2,000 down the drain.

What was this all about? Was she using the Tarot Card Readings to manipulate me or did she really believe it?

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Post by feisty » Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:26 pm

She sounds certifiable and easily led. Sounds like she believed or wanted to believe but was at the same time unsure.
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Post by Goddess » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:51 am

She is obviously a fragile woman. You did your best, gave alot and got nothing but insecure love in return. I suggest you heal your wounds and move on :)

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Post by felidae » Thu Feb 03, 2005 4:09 pm

I agree with Feisty and Goddess....let your wounds heal and move on.

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The magic is not in the cards!

Post by scootwhoman » Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:01 pm

From where I am standing, I would say that this person is severely depressed, and uses others to define herself. If the definition she gets from you does not fit her well, she goes looking for someone else. She used the tarot card readings to give her leverage with you, which reflects nothing on the Tarot. Tarot cards are not magic, they are merely an instrument through which magic can flow.

Try getting this woman out of her own environment, where she has less control or resources to use in manipulating others, and see how she acts. Bring her to Los Angeles, take her clubbing, and then go to the beach. If all she talks about is 'back home' send her there, and forget her, because she is unable to see what is really around her. if she talks a lot about herself, expose her to more new environments, so that she can get feedback about how others perceive her. If all she talks about is you, be careful, because she may be trying to con you into going back to her home country with her.

By the way, is her beauty from within, or is it only skin deep?

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