Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

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Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Post by Ed Sysop » Sat Oct 14, 2000 3:10 pm

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(3/17/00 2:00:43 am)
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Well as i said im a wiccan and to me i understand why ppl are no longer looking
in to the more magical aspects of life. most ppl think that wicca is devel
worshiping in all reality that would fall under black wicca white wicca is divided
in to two groups white and black and there are more white wiccans out there
then there are black so ppl should not worry about wicca all that much we
follow what christians call the ten commendment we follow the ten rules of rede
Ed Sysop
(3/17/00 9:34:39 am)
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Hi Marlin,

Welcome to After Hours. We've always had a very active Magick section and a
large percentage of our members have been people of the craft. Things happen
to be sort of quiet over here at the moment though. Ree Ree is missing in
action, but Merlin has been dropping in now and then.

Stick around, things will surely pick up in this section again soon. In the
meantime, feel free to drop into the other forums and hang out with us.

(3/17/00 1:44:25 pm)
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

I'm not Wiccan.

That doesn't mean that I have an understanding or comprehension about it all.


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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Hiya marlin. Glad you found your way to us.

who is rede??

(3/18/00 2:49:58 am)
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You sure are not Merlin. Time-Life witchcraft books mean well, but...

Adam the Leg
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(3/29/00 6:25:39 pm)
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Excuse me... black wicca? white wicca? 10 rules of rede? HUH?????!!!!!

This isn't any kind of Wicca that *I* have ever heard of!!! Unless it's some of
the new "fluff-bunny" crapola. What will they come up with next? <rolling eyes
with a sigh>

(3/29/00 6:30:52 pm)
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Re: Marlin:

Oh, is THAT where he got it from? Hmmm. I'd have credited Time-Life with a
little more journalistic professionalism, but I guess people will write anything to
get their publication read. Ah well. ....back to my latest project, studying Scott
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs to come up with just the right
incense mix for a love spell....

Crimson Rose
(3/30/00 8:00:43 am)
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Re: Marlin:

I plead ignorance

I am not Wiccan.

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(3/31/00 6:20:19 pm)
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

I'm finally going to add a response to Marlin.

Generally, I disagree with a couple of things in that post. The first is the
assertion that people are "no longer looking into the more magical aspects of
life." I think that it's easy to see that this is just the opposite. We see it all
over the place, actually, in the proliferation of stores which sell "new age"
books, in the increased interest in things like Kabbalah, in the vast increase in
interest in meditative and healing techniques. We also see it in popular culture,
with shows like Buffy, which features two powerful Wiccans; and Charmed,
which also shows magic in a very positive light.

I also think that while there are certainly people who "think that wicca is devel
[sic] worshipping," they are in the minority. Most people don't know what wicca
is, one way or the other. It's important to point out that Wicca is now a
recognized religion in the military and that practicing Wiccans can, therefore,
celebrate their major and minor sabbats.

There are always going to be folks who think that Wicca is sinful and satanic.
But there are also people who think that way about Judaism, about Islam, about
Catholicism. All that those who call Wicca their path can do is to lead good lives
and show, by proper practice of their religion, what it's all about.

Crimson Rose
(4/6/00 3:59:47 pm)
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Um... Do you hear me say anything? No. And my religion probably dictates I
should object.

But why should I judge you? Why should I be the one to say what is right or
wrong? And that is why I don't form a stance. Because having one would be

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Wiccan Confusion

Post by Mandymay » Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:02 pm

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to add my own two cents worth, if it be worth that.
I have found Wicca to hold may variations and many followers of the belief embracing some of the base footwork and then instilling some of their own to pass on, I think this is where the confusion is occuring that even many Wiccans don't really know exactly what being Wiccan entails for example the power of Ten?, Black and White Wicca?, Ten commandments Rede??.
I think these are what people are defining terms to represent and are passing it on as factual which is creating one really confused belief, so really can anyone really state what the Wicca belief Truely represents anymore?

Well for all those confused Wiccans try thinking about these points. For the 10 Commandments Rede, suposedly like the Christian 10 commandments... okay lets look at that...
1. You shall have no other gods before me.
[Wiccans honour many Gods and Goddesses, so this one is out]
2. You shall not make for yourselves an idol.
[Well Wiccans honour, idol and care for Mother Earth "Gaia"- So not we are down to 8]
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
[Wiccans do not believe in this god or any single God, so it causes us no issue to take this name in vain]
4. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.
[Wiccans have many Sabbaths throughout the year and do not share the 7th day Sabbath so this on is gone too]
5. Honor your father and your mother.
[Wiccans honour those whom act in a worthy conduct with a love for all people, animals and Elements so to strictly honour 2 people above all others is not necessarily adhered to, say your Mother or Father was a murderer, would you still honour her/him? No because they unjustly took life so this one can not be unconditionally adhered to]
6. You shall not murder.
[This one would stand as it is taking life]
7. You shall not commit adultery.
[This one would stand as what you send out you get back]
8. You shall not steal.
[This one also stands as what you send out you get back]
9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
[Well really you shouldn't give false testimony against anyone let alone your neighbor, so what is the point of this one?]
10. You shall not covet.
[Translation you shall not Wish or Long for anything that someone else has- well there goes our spells right out the window as someone else always has something someone else wishes they had- Better education, fresh drinking water, stable life, love, better job, better home, children, happy environment, friends the list goes on.]

So the 10 commandments are now reduced to 3 sustainable lores.

Black Wicca? well given that Wiccans do not believe in Hell, Satin or the Devil and are guided by positive and negative energies which are the balance of the earthly environment where does the Black Wicca come from, wiccans who honour evil or satanic Gods? Wiccans do not believe in Evil, Satan etc so how can they be Wiccans let alone Black Wiccans.

Well just a few things for "Wiccans" to think about before they label themselves into a belief, find out what it truely means to be a Wiccan and Gardner is the one true source if you feel that it is not quite right to suit you then keep looking for your belief structure that fits your comfort zone rather than changing one to suit you, all that does is confuses alot of people and agrivates those who have taken the effort to learn the structures.
In case you are wondering I am not Wiccan but are Ancient Pagan with 5th generation of family practising dated back from 1865 that we can trace and at present only 2 generations are alive my Mother and Aunt being one and myself being the 2nd with my children to be the 3rd alive if they chose to follow our footsteps. Unfortunately we have to clarify the "Ancient" as we are of the old traditional ways and clarify this to seperate the confusion of modern paganism which has also been adapted to suit peoples own personal preferences, so I can understand where the Wiccan's frustration is coming from.

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Post by scootwhoman » Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:11 pm

Christians like to say that the Bible says "suffer not a witch to live," which is interesting, because the term 'witch' did not enter the language until long after that book of the Old Testament was written. What the Bible actually says is more like "suffer not a sorcerer to live," which is a whole different kettle of fish.

People think that there is good magic and bad magic, Black and White. Magic is a tool, just like a shovel. I can use a shovel to dig an outhouse pit, or I can kill someone with it. Does this mean that there are Black shovels and White shovels? No, it means that the way that we use a tool decides whether we are trying to put ourselves ahead at the expense of others, or if we are trying to make things better for everyone, in the belief that they will get better for us, too.

Our perceptions about witchcraft have been deeply twisted by the Christian church, which used propaganda to further its hold in the Dark Ages. Nearly all modern conceptions of witchcraft derive from the Inquisition, or from fears of the unknown. Anything associated with witchcraft came to be viewed as 'evil', even if it was something specifically created to turn evil away.

Many people are surprised when they discover that some of the things that they feel intuitively are fundamental beliefs of witchcraft. Harmony with Nature, the idea that what you do to other people will come back to you, the belief in a spirit realm. Yet these things are not part of the Christian teachings, and are directly counter to them.
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Re: Im Wiccan and well here is what i have to add

Post by Avacyn » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:17 am

I feel a bit confused by this thread... It looks like the OP is a copy and paste job, to me...


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